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Easter Bunny Route for Saturday, April 8th

The Easter Bunny will be traveling around the village Saturday, April 8th.

Our furry friend will be traveling around the village this Saturday to see all of the kids and their families before the much anticipated Easter Egg Hunt.  We will start at 9:30 a.m. so be ready when you hear the sirens but you can use the Bunny Tracker to see where we are.  If you miss us, please try to advance to another location but if you are unable to do so please call the Easter Bunny's escort, Mayor Stuchell at 513-543-3780 and we will circle back to you.  This Saturday at 9:15 a.m., the Easter Bunny will go live and we will share the link on both the village and Recreation Dept. Facebook pages and the village website.  Please spread the word and share the link so that everyone is ready.   Here is the route that the Easter Bunny will be traveling:

1.      McClelland to Bank Ave. to Harvey Ct. to Andalus Ct.

2.      Andrew St. to West Ross

3.      East on Ross to Clay Street

4.      East on Ross to Broerman, Tennis Lane, Moeller, and Imwalle

5.      East on Ross to Chalet and Heger

6.      West on Ross to get the homes on the North side of Ross

7.      Greenlee to Scenic

8.      Greenlee to Rose Hill Ave. to Rose Hill Lane to Church St.

9.      Greenlee to lower Delmar and Advance

10. Redwood Terrace to Minmor Dr., upper part of Redwood, Dartmouth

11. Mitchell to Langley

12. Delmar to 4200 Block of Sullivan

13. Mitchell to 4200 Block of Tower

14. Delmar to Zetta

15. Mitchell to Bertus to 100 Block of Albert to Zetta 

16. 130 Block of Delmar to Delmar Ct.

17. 100 Block of Delmar to 4200 Block of Bertus to Albert

18. Leonard to Mitchell [Turning around]

19. Leonard to Orchard (west) then turn around then back to East side of Orchard

20. Angels Way to Bertus to Park Place

21. Church St (East) to Schroeder to Tower

22. Meadow to Burnet

23. Church St (East) to Errun Lane

24. Kemper to Ross 

25. Sullivan to Delmar

26. Tower to Ross [Turning around]

27. Cleveland to Greenlee

28. McClelland to Tower

29. Washington to Greenlee

30. Jackson to Tower

31. Jefferson to Greenlee

32. Church to Martin

33. Leo to Lawrence

34. Baker to Vine [Turning around]

35. Baker Place to Phillips