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Mayor's Court:

The Village of St. Bernard now offers the option to pay fines conveniently online! Click here and follow the simple directions.

We accept cash, credit, and money order for all fines.


For payout citations, the State of Ohio cost of $35.00 as required under Section 2743.70 ORC has already been added to the fine. Officers will subtract $35 for citations with multiple violations. Officers will circle the appropriate offenses and issue the payout schedule with the ticket. See the reverse side for an explanation of how to resolve this traffic ticket.

As of 7/21/08 $13 was added to court costs to be applied to computer funds. As of 9/23/08 $10 was added by State of Ohio for indigent fund.

Depending on what box the officer checked on the bottom of your citation, you may:

If the personal appearance box is not checked you must have proof of insurance, you may pay out your citation without going to court. You must pay it out prior to the schedule court date. If you do not pay the citation out by the court date you are required to show in court. All fines will double if not paid out by the court date.

State law requires proof of insurance. If Financial Responsibility Proof Shown is marked "NO" on your citation you are required to appear in court unless you personally bring a copy of proof of insurance along with your payment prior to the court date.

If the officer has checked the personal appearance required box on your citation or you choose to plead not guilty in court, you must appear in court on your scheduled court date. Bring your proof of insurance to court showing that the vehicle was insured on the date of the citation.

When making payments, you should pay the appropriate amount circled by the officer on the Fine Schedule. Payments can be paid by cash, credit or money order.

When paying out a citation you must bring the original copy of the citation and sign the waiver on the rear, pleading guilty and disposing of the case by paying the ticket out. Fines may be paid in person at the St. Bernard Police Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or can be mailed along with your signed copy of the citation to City of St. Bernard, Police Department, 4700 Vine Street, St. Bernard, Ohio 45217. If paying out in cash, please bring exact change. On the day of Mayors Court, you must make payments no later than 4 PM or you will be required to attend court at 5 PM.

If you appear in court and are found guilty of the offense, you must pay the court costs at that time. Court costs are required by the State of Ohio and are currently $80.00. A payment plan can be requested on the fines but court costs must be paid that night.

If you are unable to appear on your given court date a continuance may be granted for a reasonable need by contacting Judy Mersfelder, Court Clerk (513-242-2727). Further continuances must be requested during court sessions.

WARNING - Your failure to pay out a citation or your failure to appear in court will result in the suspension of your driving privileges (ORC 4507.168) and/or be cause for a warrant to be issued for your arrest.

We appreciate your cooperation in resolving these matters. If you have any questions or concerns with this citation, please stop by the station. Let us know how we are doing, visit our website at

St. Bernard Police Department
4200 Vine Street St. Bernard, Ohio 45217
Phone (513) 242-2727 Fax (513) 482-7234