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Civil Service Commission


  • Tara Fridley – Chairperson
  • Tony Zerges – Comissioner
  • Eric Johansen – Comissioner
  • Heidi Culbertson – Secretary

The Civil Service Commission consists of three Commissioners and one Secretary. All positions are part time and are appointed by the hiring authority at their time of office. The Civil Service Commission meets a minimum of once per month on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Meetings take place in the conference room which is located directly below City Hall. These meetings are open to the public.

The Commission conducts examinations for various classified positions for the City of St. Bernard including new positions and promotional examinations. It is the responsibility of the Commission to certify eligibility lists and present them to the hiring authority. The Civil Service Commission is responsible for following the guidelines of The Ohio Revised Code. It does not interview and hire any of the employees within the City of St. Bernard.






Examination will consist of three parts:  Written Exam (through National Testing Network, Inc.), Assessment Exam, and Oral Interview. 

The Civil Service Commission will be conducting the written portion of the police officer entrance exam through the National Testing Network, Inc. (NTN) in order to establish an eligibility list for vacant positions available at this time.

Beginning Monday, September 27, 2021, all candidates (unless considered lateral transfer – see below) must apply through the National Testing Network and take the FrontLine National Exam (, complete the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ), which is accessed through your NTN candidate account, and submit all required documentation by end of day Monday, November 1st, 2021. 

 All requirements are outlined on job posting:

 Anyone 21 years of age may apply to take the examination. No one shall be eligible to receive an appointment prior to their twenty first (21st) birthday or past their forty-first (41st) birthday, unless they were originally appointed to a different department prior their forty-first (41st) birthday.

Lateral Transfers Only:  Applicants may be exempt from the FrontLine National Exam if they meet the following criteria:  OPOTA Certified with 2 years of full-time experience with a municipal department, with no disciplinary action resulting in suspension or loss of pay within the last 12 months.  You must still submit a department application available HERE.  Once completed, you may email to or drop off in person at St. Bernard City Hall, along with any supporting documentation, including proof of certification and military duty, if applicable. 

Physical Agility Test will be conducted by the St. Bernard Police Department on November 20th at 9:00am.    

DEADLINE: Monday, November 1, 2021

Additional Exam Information:

·         Applicants who are exempt from the FrontLine National exam will be automatically included on the list of candidates to be administered the Physical Agility test, assessment exam and oral interview.

·         Following the FrontLine National exam the Physical Agility Test (Pass/Fail) will be given by the St. Bernard Police Department on November 20, 2021 at 9:00am.  Eligible candidates will be sent more information including release forms via email upon closing date of applications.

·         Civil Service will select 10 of the remaining candidates who passed the Physical Agility test receiving the highest scores on the written exam and any candidates meeting the requirements to be considered exempt from the written exam the assessment exam and the oral interview portions of the test. The assessment exam will be worth 60% of the final grade and the oral interview will be worth the remaining 40% of the final grade.  The Civil Service Commission will notify applicants of assessment and oral interview dates upon completion of Physical Agility.

·         The assessment exam will consist of 5 questions/scenarios and will be graded by three officers the from the St. Bernard Police Department.

·         The oral interview will be conducted by a panel of six members from St. Bernard Administration and will consist of ten questions.

·         Applicant must be willing to submit to the following:  Background Check, Polygraph test, Personal lnterview, Psychological Exam, Physical Exam and Physical Agility Test.


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