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Civil Service Commission


  • Tara Fridley – Chairperson
  • Tony Zerges – Commissioner
  • Greg Lipp – Commissioner
  • Heidi Culbertson – Secretary

The Civil Service Commission consists of three Commissioners and one Secretary. All positions are part time and are appointed by the hiring authority at their time of office. The Civil Service Commission meets a minimum of once per month on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Meetings take place in the conference room which is located directly below City Hall. These meetings are open to the public.

The Commission conducts examinations for various classified positions for the Village of St. Bernard including new positions and promotional examinations. It is the responsibility of the Commission to certify eligibility lists and present them to the hiring authority. The Civil Service Commission is responsible for following the guidelines of The Ohio Revised Code. It does not interview and hire any of the employees within the Village of St. Bernard.



2024 Information/Notice for Police Officer Position - Deadline for current round of hiring is February 29th, 2024.
**Physical agility test for non-lateral applicants will take place on March 23, 2024, at 9:00AM.  Forms needed for agility test will be emailed to applicants.  

Application for Police Officer Lateral Transfers - Deadline for current round of hiring is February 29th, 2024.
**Lateral transfer applicants may be exempt from the FrontLine National Exam and the physical agility test if they meet the following criteria:  OPOTA Certified with 2 years of full-time experience with a municipal department, with no disciplinary action resulting in suspension or loss of pay within the last 12 months. You must still submit a department application.  Once completed, you must email to or drop off in person at St. Bernard City Hall, 110 Washington Ave, St. Bernard, OH 45217, along with any supporting documentation, including proof of certifications, copies of degrees if applicable, and military duty, if applicable. 


Current Civil Service Eligibility Lists:

Service Department

Police Department

Fire Department