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Administration Building Temporary Policies and Hours

Just a reminder that during this unprecedented health crisis, the Administration Building (City Hall), will be closed to the public until further notice.  This is to protect our staff and visitors from any unnecessary exposure.  

The offices are minimally staffed and functional from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM to answer your phone calls on the main number at 513-242-7770.   Residents are asked to address any City Hall business, including taxes, over the phone or email.  Taxes can be dropped off in the drop box outside the front door as well. 

If you need to apply for a Building Permit, we ask that you send your application via email or drop it in the drop box outside of City Hall.  We will call or email you to make payment arrangements upon approval.  If you are dropping off sets of plans that are unable to fit in the drop box, or are picking up approved plans, please call the office or ring door bell during above stated hours and a staff member will meet you at the door. 

We thank you for your cooperation and encourage everyone to do your part by following the CDC social distancing guidelines.