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Bank Avenue Landfill /
Ludlow Park Information

Upcoming Landfill Related Activities:

Quarterly/Monthly - Routine monitoring of gas probes
Monthly - Routine monitoring of gas extraction system and condensate tank
March 2017 - Annual calibration of combustible gas monitors (CGIs) at nine residences


Documents for Online Viewing:

2014 Complaint For Injunctive Relief and Civil Penalty

2014 Consent Order

Explosive Gas Monitoring Plan (EGMP) (Updated June 10, 2015)

     Certification Reports

     Notification of Change of Monitoring Schedule

Instructions for Residences with Combustible Gas Indicators (updated 07-15-2015)

2009 Director’s Final Findings & Orders

Explosive Gas Monitoring Plan Approval

Explosive Gas Monitoring Activities and Results

2014 Monitoring Reports

2015 Monitoring Reports

2016 Monitoring Reports

2017 Monitoring Reports

Landfill Maintenance Activities

2014 Landfill Maintenance Activities

2015 Landfill Maintenance Activities

2016 Landfill Maintenance Activities

2017 Landfill Maintenance Activities